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Katy Soft Washing To Gently Care For More Delicate Exterior Surfaces

House softwashing

While pressure washing is an amazing tool that is ideal for cleaning many heavy-duty surfaces, not every exterior surface holds up well under pressure. When you need a gentler kind of cleaning for your Katy property, our excellent soft washing services are here to help! Wiser Pro Wash LLC prides itself in providing a level of detailed care our competitors can't beat. That's why we choose the safest and most effective methods for our work. If we encounter a job where pressure washing is too risky to use, we switch to soft washing.

While traditional pressure washing utilizes pressures of 2000-3000 PSI or more, soft washing typically operates at or below 1000 PSI. There are many surfaces to which pressure washing can cause cosmetic or structural damage, such as treated or painted wood, glass, shingles, fabric areas like awnings, and stucco. Soft washing avoids the risk of high-pressure washing while still efficiently removing stains and contamination!

How can we do this? We utilize biodegradable cleaning detergents that are designed to break up grimy buildup and kill invasive microbes like algae and mold that take root on your surfaces. We gently shower the affected area with the detergent and let it set in for a couple of hours to do its magic. It's not as instantaneous as standard pressure washing, but when we rinse the surface down with clean water, you'll see the same spotless results!

As for any of our services, if you're interested in taking advantage of our superior soft washing services, get in touch! We're available at 778-951-5936 to discuss your cleaning goals and create the perfect cleaning plan for your property. We can't wait to help your Katy property be its best and brightest!

Low & No Pressure Options For Exterior Cleaning

If you're working on improving your property's curb appeal, we offer several specific soft washing services designed to tackle common aesthetic flaws while treating your property's exterior with care. We typically utilize soft washing for roof cleaning, house washing, and monument cleaning. Typical pressure washing can tear up shingles, break glass, and cause warping or breakage on many types of sidings. With soft washing, we can rid your property of unsightly stains and smears while totally avoiding the risk of cosmetic harm.

As a trusted provider of pressure washing for Katy, we want to help people achieve the aesthetic goals they want for their homes and business. Whether you're getting your home ready for company, tidying up your business to attract new clientele, or preparing your property for the real estate market, our soft washing services are ideal for property beautification!

Our Full Roster Of Services

We strive to meet every customer's needs with our line-up of excellent exterior cleaning services. If you want to discuss a custom cleaning for your home or business, get in touch with us today and ask us about any of these services we provide:

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • House Washing
  • Pressure Washing Services
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Soft Washing
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