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Roof Cleaning For Total Property Maintenance

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How clean is your roof? Get help from Katy's pressure washing team and their roof washing service. Call 346-527-1402 to get help from Wiser Pro Wash LLC today.

Your roof is the unsung hero of your home or business. It protects you from the sun and the rain and severely cuts back on how much indoor raking you have to do. While it works ceaselessly to protect you, what have you done to protect it?

Low And No Pressure Roof Washing To Safely Wash Your Roofs

Exposure to heat, rain, and debris can really do a number on your roof. Tiles can erode or be overcome by lichen, mold, algae, and mildew. Your roof needs help in order to survive.

Wiser Pro Wash LLC's roof washing service is more than just pressure washing. While some pressure washing companies rely on brute force from their high-powered pressure washing machines, we have a different method. We use a combination of soft washing and low-pressure washing to safely remove dirt, mold, and the rest without damaging your roof tiles.

Roof Soft Washing To Best Maintain Your Curb Appeal & Property Health

Soft washing consists of using carefully selected cleaning agents and chemicals that can lift embedded dirt and mold to the surface. After the cleaning agents have completed their mission, we use low pressure to rinse both the chemicals and the gunk away--leaving your roof with a new lease on life. Our roof cleaning will not only help preserve your roof, but it will also give your curb appeal a boost.

We work on nearly any type of roof or roof material, including:

  • Asphalt/Composite
  • Clay
  • Metal

We offer roof washing as part of both our residential pressure washing and commercial pressure washing services. Every roof needs a little help now and then, and we're happy to be of assistance.

Frequently Asked Roof Cleaning Questions

Unfortunately, that black stuff isn't dirt, but most likely black mold. Black mold is extremely bad for your and your family's health and should be removed as quickly as possible.

Regular roof cleaning can extend the life of your roof and prevent the need for repairs. If you want to save thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements, roof cleaning is your best bet. Protect your roof with help from the pros from Wiser Pro Wash LLC. Schedule your roof cleaning in Katy by calling 346-527-1402 today.

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